It takes a co-op!

Where do our members reside?

Membership Benefits

Member households will receive:

    1. a 2% discount each time they shop

    2. the opportunity to volunteer and earn additional monthly discounts:

10% = 4 hours per month 18% = 8 hours per month

    1. The opportunity to participate in Co-op governance through elections, Membership meetings, and Board service.

    2. Eligibility for patronage rebates, contingent upon co-op profits.

    3. Monthly newsletter sent by mail or email

    4. Optional membership in our sister co-op, the Kickapoo Cultural Exchange, a non-profit co-op for sponsoring the creation of regional non-profits and providing space for cultural activities for the community.

Annual membership fees are based on a sliding scale of $25- $ decide, depending on the size of your household and resources.

If you mail in a membership fee, please include member names, address, phone, and newsletter preferences (paper or electronic.)

It is the member’s responsibility to notify the co-op of changes to household composition, address changes, etc.