The Seven Cooperative Principles

Voluntary and Open Membership: Anyone can join, regardless of race, gender, religion, politics, etc.

Democratic Member Control: All members have voting rights and the opportunity to run for election to the Board of Directors. Members directly influence the direction and policies of the co-op through active participation in the elective process.

Member Economic Participation: Members contribute through joining and shopping in the co-op. Accrued assets are democratically controlled by the membership.

Autonomy & Independence: Co-ops are autonomous and controlled by their membership. Any partnership with another organization is done so in a manner that preserves independence and democratic member control.

Education, Training & Information: Co-ops provide education and training for members, elected representatives, and staff to ensure effective development of the co-op.

Cooperation amongst Cooperatives: Co-ops are dedicated to work with other co-ops whenever possible to strengthen the cooperative movement.

Concern for Community: Co-ops are dedicated to the sustainable development of their communities through the policies accepted by their membership.