The WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts. May seem cliche, but it's a truth that can lead our co-op to develop the optimal plan for our store, clarify or re-define who we are and why we're here, and propel us well into the future.

The best reason for being a co-op member, I believe, is having a voice in how we do business, whether we're row, row, rowing gently down the Kickapoo or navigating a post-flood deluge on an unknown course.

I could apologize for the watery metaphors but hey---

Bring your paddles and Gather with your Co-op for both business and fellowship at the next


Sunday FEBRUARY 24th at the 209 MAIN St. store.

12:00 pm We'll start with a Bring Your Own Utensils potluckand social hour. Note--no kitchen facilities for heating or washing-- electric outlets are available.

1 - 3pm Business Meeting


1. Process guidelines, including explanation of consensus decision-making model, introduction of our facilitator: Thomas White, review agenda & expectations of the meeting

2. Financial overview (historical arcs and trends and disaster

assistance) (Lamar, Bob, Todd)

3. Survey results

4. Review information on our future store options researched by planning committee, ask questions and air concerns about options

5. Perhaps start to develop proposals

6. Decide on process for continuing our planning ( such as full membership meetings vs. committees)

Please understand:

  • We do not expect to reach consensus on one future option by the end of this first meeting.

  • The membership retains the right to full consensual decision after all details are clarified at a later date

  • Individuals with updated annual membership are welcome to have a voice in this process. Please make your membership payment at the co-op prior to the meeting date.

  • Managers reports and our research on the brainstormed options from our previous meeting will be sent out by email prior to the February 24th meeting.

  • Copies of all these documents will be printed and available at the store.

  • Please read the information and come prepared to be respectful of everyone’s time.

Dance and Pie Auction!

Fundraiser for the Gays Mills Folk Festival of Music and Dance

Saturday, Nov 10th 7pm Dancing begins

8:30 pm Pie auction with live auctioneer (followed by more dancing) NEW Gays Mills Community Building (16381 WI-131, Gays Mills, WI)

Contact Jane at 608-632-2720 with questions, or if you'd like to donate a pie or volunteer during the event!

Fun for all ages, live music and dancing, no experience or partner necessary, dances taught by our talented dance callers

JAM AT THE DAM in Gays Mills